1. Nutrition Coaching
    Nutrition Coaching
    "How can I permanently change my eating habits and lifestyle to suit my goals, in a way that DOESN'T make me want to choke out strangers at the grocery store?" The motto here: Doable beats drastic. This is sustainable, individualized change meant to help you make steady progress for months, NOT a crash diet to lose 20 lbs in a week. Depending on your needs, we'll meet anywhere from 2x/month to 3x/week for 30-60 minute sessions. The best part? We can even do this over the phone, so this can fit anyone's schedule.
  2. Basic Strength & Conditioning
    Basic Strength & Conditioning
    "How can I get stronger and fitter, without doing anything that scares the bejeezus out of me?" -or- "I'm an athlete and I need to get stronger to prevent injury and improve performance, but I'm totally lost in the gym...what do I do?" Basic S&C is made just for you. We focus on exercises that build lots of muscle and strength in a short time span, but we omit some of the flashier, more skill-intensive things that you might have seen on TV. Example movements: Kettlebell swing; push-up; sled pull
  3. Advanced Strength & Conditioning
    Advanced Strength & Conditioning
    "High-skill movements don't faze me, so how can I get as fit, strong, and athletic as possible?" This is where we get into the REALLY fun stuff: Olympic weightlifting and basic gymnastics, in addition to everything in Basic S&C. This is a high-level strength-and-conditioning program, meant for qualified athletes only. If you're already in good shape and trying to get to the next level, this is for you. Example movements: Barbell clean & jerk; weighted chin-up; jump rope double-under